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FiSHFa group

The Fishfa Group stands today as one of India’s largest and oldest integrated glass companies providing comprehensive solutions from glass sourcing and processing to distribution and installations at project sites. The group employs more than 400 people through seven facilities spread across West India. Started in 1976, the group enjoys an unparalleled market presence in India and stands firm on its values on delivering customer-focused solutions governed by an honest and forthright code of conduct.


Fishfa Glass

Fishfa Glass was established in 1976 and till date remains one of India’s biggest and most successful glass trading companies. With an extensive sourcing network, we source raw glasses from all over the world and distribute them throughout India. Operating out of modern warehouses in Mumbai with automated handling systems, we can assure extremely quick turnaround times for glass deliveries, so that you have the glass just when you want it.

FG Glass Industries Pvt. Ltd.

FG Glass is an industry-leading architectural glass supplier with modern production facilities to manufacture heat-treated (toughened and heat-strengthened), insulated and laminated glass. Besides this it also provides complete solutions for value-added specialty glass products such as fire-rated glasses, electronically-switchable glasses, blast, bullet and burglar-resistant glasses, sound-insulated glasses and decorative glass products. with one of the most sophisticated glass processing facilities in India, FG Glass is certified by the world’s leading glass brands (Saint-Gobain, Asahi/Glaverbel, PPG and Pilkington) to process their high-performance silver-based coatings for use in “green” architecture. Please visit our website to know more.

Fancy Glass Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Fancy Glass is predominantly a contracting company for railings and windows installation systems. Specializing in high-end residential and commercial spaces, it provides complete solutions for architects and builders for glass railings and windows and boasts of an impressive clientele list and international collaborations for system designs.

Asian Prelam Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Asian Prelam Industries is a joint venture with Asian Exims, an established distributor of wood-based products in India. This venture aims to provide world-class wood-based products for use in the furniture and architecture. Our modern production setup located near Mumbai incorporates the most advanced two-stage impregnation and German pre-laminating machinery. Raw boards are uncompromisingly sourced from the world’s leading suppliers of particle-board and medium-density fibreboard. Further the decor papers and texture plates are completely European, guaranteeing revolutionary, high-quality and consistent finishes.